Welcome to Shi Academy!

We are absolutely delighted to have you here, and we're eagerly looking forward to your journey with us at Shi Academy. At SHi, we firmly believe that education is the cornerstone of empowerment for nail artists like you. It's the key that unlocks the door to endless possibilities and allows you to seize control of your own artistic destiny.

Our Mission: Our central purpose is to embolden both established and aspiring nail technicians to reach their utmost potential while allowing their individual styles to shine.

Our Vision: We envision a world where nail technicians harness their skills to achieve unparalleled success in the nail industry.

Our Mission: Our mission is to foster an unwavering commitment to ethics, integrity, and excellence among the nail technicians who choose to learn with Shi Professional. We accomplish this by providing the highest quality, most effective, and safest products and by staying at the forefront of innovation. Our goal is to make every day beautiful for both clients and our vibrant community of nail technicians.

Your Journey with Us: The Shi Professional's Private MasterClass has been thoughtfully crafted with you in mind. Our aim is to equip you with a deeper understanding of your craft, offering valuable tips, tricks, product knowledge, and new skills. These tools will empower you to become more organized, dramatically reduce setup times, all without compromising the quality of your work.

As part of our comprehensive training program, you will learn not only how to create quick and trendy nail designs to boost your income but also how to embrace advanced design concepts to make your work truly stand out.

With your passion for nail artistry and our commitment to your growth, we are confident that your journey at Shi Academy will be transformative and inspiring. So, let's dive in together and unlock your full potential as a nail artist. Welcome to Shi Academy, where your artistic dreams take flight!