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Gel and Lacquer Duo in the box allows you to create everything from a single color to nail art. Take the initiative and embrace the unexpected!
Now's time to change the game with Shi Brand acrylic brushes! It doesn't matter what monomer you use or what acrylic brand you use, they'll all work!
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In the world of nails, SHI knows better than anyone the importance of high-quality lighting.

Q: What makes the Art & Artist LED lighting system unique?
A: We understand the importance of capturing the beauty of your work as a creator. That's why we designed our lighting system to be a multi-positioning tool, allowing you to showcase your work exactly how you want it.

With our revolutionary ART & ARTIST LED TABLE LAMP, you'll unlock a world of endless possibilities and create stunning nail designs like never before.

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SHI MegaPower Pro S9 Electric File
Discover the power of the SHI MegaPower Pro S9 Electric File for all your nail care needs. With its advanced features and precision engineering, this electric file is perfect for professional nail technicians. Buy yours today and take your nail services to the next level.
Say Goodbye to Glitter Mishaps
Upgrade Your Nail Space with the SHi® Dappen Dish – Innovative Nail Tech Essential
Transform your nail artistry with the SHi® Dappen Dish – the ultimate solution for nail techs. Featuring a spill-proof design, odor-blocking glass lid, and stainless steel filter, our sleek and modern glass dish prevents glitters from sticking to brushes, eliminates cross-contamination, and keeps your liquids fresh. Say goodbye to messy nail sessions and hello to effortless nail art perfection.


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From our customers


It's very bright and spacious, and has a great deal of natural light.

All nail technicians should check out this product! It's super bright and spacious, with plenty of natural light! With its luxurious appearance and feel, it makes me feel so fantastic, and I delight in how professional it looks on my table! One of the best investments I've made in years.

Barbara Ujavic

Amazing! They went above and beyond with providing a solution to any of my concerns. That’s quality customer service forever a loyal client

Priscilla Haron
Newark, NJ

Perfect lighting!

My clients love the look! The light is beautiful quality, packaged extremely well, it's dimmable, looks professional in video and photos. Also, their customer service is PHENOMENAL. Thank you SHI!!

Crystal Hoang
Lake Elmo, MN

I love the table light!! You can adjust how bright the light and the color of the light .. Best investment .. I highly recommended for any nail tech that loves to take pictures of their nails

Dung Truong
Saugus, MS

I’ve bought 3 of these brushes, sizes: 14,16, & 18 because of how much trust I have in Shi Branded products. From the “artist” design on the handle to the balance of the brush, this is by far the best acrylic brush I’ve used and best looking. My clients even comment on how sleek the design is when they see me using it. Highly recommend!

Kenny Young
West Valley City, UT