Safety & Professional Guidelines for the "Flame" Nail E-Bit

Jun 24, 2024

The "Flame" nail e-bit is a favorite among nail technicians for its versatility and ease of use. It's an essential tool in nail care, offering multiple functions:

  • Opening and lifting the cuticle pocket.
  • Removing excess debris from the nail plate.
  • Working with side rollers.
  • Treating calluses.
  • Treating cracks. 

However, to ensure safety and effectiveness when using the "Flame" nail e-bit, it's important to follow these safety guidelines for hardware manicure techniques:

1. Avoid Blind Spots

Always maintain visual control over the treated surface. Understand the direction and angle of the cutter to avoid mistakes. Ensure that you are not creating areas that you cannot see and control during the process.

2. Use the Correct Angle

The nail e-bit should not make full-surface contact. When treating the area up to the middle of the sinus, tilt the bit by 45°. In the middle of the sinus, tilt the cutter by 10°. Proper angling prevents damage and ensures a smooth operation.

3. Perform Actions Step by Step

To avoid injury, break down the treatment into small, precise steps of 2-3 mm. This allows for accurate following of the natural curvature lines of the nails, reducing the risk of injury to the client's hands.

4. Adjust Speed According to Experience and Cuticle Type

The speed of the nail e-bit should match the technician's experience and the client's cuticle type. Beginners should use a speed of 4K-10K RPM, while experienced technicians can safely use speeds of 17K RPM or higher.

5. Maintain E-Bit Cleanliness

Keeping the e-bit clean is crucial. A e-bit clogged with dust loses its abrasiveness, which prolongs processing time and may require additional pressure or increased RPM, potentially leading to injuries to the nail plate.

Professional Guide to Using SHi® Hurricane Precision Flame Bit

The flame bit is a versatile tool with three distinct working areas: the nose, cheek, and belly. It is designed to open and clean the cuticle pocket, remove excess debris from the nail plate, and exfoliate dry, flaky dead skin on the sidewalls and around the nail base. Here's how to effectively use each part of the flame bit:

Working Areas of the Flame Bit

  1. Nose: The tip of the flame bit, used for precision work.
  2. Cheek: The side of the flame bit, ideal for cleaning sidewalls.
  3. Belly: The broader midsection of the flame bit, perfect for exfoliating larger areas.

How to Use the Flame Bit

Opening and Cleaning the Cuticle Pocket

  • Begin by lifting the pocket of glued dead skin from the nail plate using the orange wood stick or the metal cuticle pusher.
  • Gently opening and lifting the cuticle pocket and exfoliate the dry and flaky dead skin on the sidewalls and around the nail base using the flame bit.

Exfoliating Sidewalls

  • When cleaning the dry and flaky dead skin on the sidewalls, position the bit on its cheek.
  • Avoid using the tip to prevent indentations. Do not apply pressure, as this can also cause indentations.
  • The goal is to clean out the dry and flaky dead skin on the sidewalls without damaging the nail or surrounding skin.

Speed and Direction Settings

Processing the Left Side

  • Direction: Forward
  • Speed: 25,000 RPM - 35,000 RPM
  • Place the bit in the middle of the base of the nail plate.
  • Move towards the left side to the point of growth, exfoliating the sidewalls with the belly of the bit.

Processing the Right Side

  • Direction: Reverse
  • Speed: 25,000 RPM - 35,000 RPM
  • Place the bit in the middle of the base of the nail plate.
  • Move towards the right side to the point of growth, exfoliating the sidewalls with the belly of the bit.

Tips for Optimal Use

  • Avoid Indentations: Do not use the tip of the bit or apply excessive pressure to prevent indentations.
  • Maintain Proper Speed: Use the recommended speed settings for efficient and safe processing.
  • Precision and Care: Focus on precision and gentle handling to ensure a clean and professional finish without causing discomfort or injury to the client.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively utilize the flame bit to achieve flawless results, ensuring a high-quality, comfortable, and safe manicure experience for your clients.

SHi® "Hurricane Precision" Diamond Nail Drill Bits

SHi® offers a specialized line of nail e-bits called "Hurricane Precision." These e-bits use advanced diamond coating technology to enhance service life and cutting efficiency. The spiral grooves in the bits quickly remove material, preventing repeated grinding by the diamond grains.

Advantages of "Hurricane Precision" Diamond Nail Drill Bits:
  • Reduced Processing Time: Efficient cutting reduces the time needed for treatment.
  • No Heating of the Nail Plate: Prevents discomfort and potential damage from overheating.
  • Extended Service Life: Durable design ensures long-term use.

"Hurricane Precision" diamond nail e-bits are ideal for treating lateral folds, cuticles, calluses, and skin roughness on the fingers. They are suitable for both hardware manicures and pedicures, offering a professional finish every time.

By adhering to these safety guidelines and using high-quality tools like the SHi® "Hurricane Precision" diamond nail e-bits, you can ensure a safe, efficient, and high-quality manicure experience for your clients.

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